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More should be done to increase access to quality care, especially in rural communities -- but a new government insurance system like the public option would cause serious damage to rural hospitals. Via @thehill:…

20 hours ago

Whether it’s called Medicare for all, Medicare buy-in or the public option, it would mean the same thing for Americans: a one-size-fits-all government insurance system. Learn more:

1 day ago

ICYMI: Our Executive Director Lauren Crawford Shaver explains the negative impacts the public option could have on rural hospitals and patients. Learn more:…

2 days ago


The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future’s mission is to improve what’s working in health care and fix what’s not. For tens of millions of Americans and their families, the current health care system works — providing world-class care, delivered by world-class doctors and hospitals.

But more can and must be done — so that health care works for all Americans.

Learn more about our work to create broader access to health care, increase options for Americans, lower the cost of care, and to continue to foster medical innovation.

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NEW STUDY: A New One-Size-Fits-All Government-Run Insurance System Could Put 55% of Rural Hospitals at “High Risk” of Closure.