August 5, 2021 | Updates

Building On What Works: Americans Are Benefitting From Affordable Coverage Options

WASHINGTON – Providing additional evidence that private plans and public programs are working together to expand access to affordable, high-quality health coverage and care, NPR reports that recent enhancements to existing law make it “easier and more affordable to enroll, including new and more generous subsidies for premiums, cost-sharing support for low-income people and more.”

Americans Are Benefitting From Affordable Coverage Options 

  • There are zero-cost premium plans available to 13.3 million Americans. (NPR, 8/3/21)
  • Americans who “received unemployment benefits at any point this year … might qualify for a comprehensive silver plan through the end of 2021” where the full cost of their household’s monthly premium is covered. (NPR, 8/3/21; HHS)
  • Since April, 34 percent of consumers who enrolled in coverage through the federal marketplace have selected a plan that costs $10 or less per month. (HHS, 7/14/21)
  • The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has “reduced premiums, increased savings, and given consumers access to quality, affordable health care coverage,” and some federal leaders have proposed making those premium reductions permanent. (HHS, 7/14/21)

Millions Have Gained Coverage Through Existing Options

  • More than 2 million Americans have enrolled in health coverage through the federal and state-based exchanges so far during the 2021 special enrollment period. (HHS, 7/14/21)
  • Nearly 31 million Americans have obtained coverage under current law as of 2021. (The Associated Press, 6/5/21)
    • More than 11 million consumers enrolled in marketplace plans;
    • 14.8 million people enrolled in Medicaid via expansion of eligibility during the Obama administration;
    • One million individuals enrolled in the ACA’s Basic Health Program option; and
    • Nearly 4 million previously-eligible adults gained coverage under additional Medicaid expansion. (The Hill, 6/5/21)

Building On What’s Working in Health Care Is The Most Effective Way To Expand Access To Affordable, High-Quality Health Coverage And Care

  • The number of uninsured Americans would fall significantly under an enhanced Affordable Care Act (ACA) model, with roughly 8.1 million (30 percent) and 9.6 million (34 percent) fewer Americans uninsured after ACA enhancements in 2023 and 2032, respectively. (KNG Health Consulting, 5/17/21)


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