3.24.23 / Updates

ICYMI: States Continue to Hit Roadblocks with Public Option  

3.15.23 / Updates

WTAS: One-Size-Fits-All Approach Noticeably Absent from Health Care

3.1.23 / Updates

ICYMI: State Government-Controlled Public Option Systems Continue to

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ICYMI: Building on our Current System Has Led to 16.3 Million

12.20.22 / Updates

ICYMI: New Polling Shows that Voters Support Building on our Current System

12.1.22 / Updates

ICYMI: Building on Our Current System Has Led to Historic Coverage Gains  

11.14.22 / Updates

Partnership for America’s Health Care Future Statement on Working with the

10.27.22 / Updates

ICYMI:  Building on Our Current System is the Future of Health Care 

9.22.22 / Updates

ICYMI: Blog: The Path Forward in Health Care: Building on The Strengths of our

9.13.22 / Blog / Updates

Blog: The Path Forward in Health Care: Building on The Strengths of our

8.1.22 / Updates

ICYMI: Public Option Could Exacerbate Health Care Workforce Shortages,

7.21.22 / Updates

New Report: National Public Option Could Lead to Increased Health Care

6.23.22 / Updates

Statement on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Approval

6.22.22 / Updates

ICYMI: Polling Continues to Show Voter Prefer Building on our Current Health

4.27.22 / Press Releases / Updates

New Report: ‘Medicare at 60’ Could Create Higher Costs and Threaten Access

4.7.22 / Updates

 What They Are Saying: Let’s Build On and Strengthen our Current Health

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The Strength and Opportunity Within Our Health Care System 

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What We Are Not Talking About in 2022: Creating New Government-Controlled

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Public Option Watch: NPR: ‘The 1st public option health plan in the U.S.

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ICYMI: Single-Payer Health Care Falls in California

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What Others Are Saying: The Costs of One-Size-Fits-All, Single-Payer Health

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What We Learned in 2021: Lawmakers and Voters Prefer Building on What’s

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ICYMI: Latest Polling Shows Voters Prefer Building on What’s Working 

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VOTER VITALS November 2021 Edition – A Health Care Tracking Poll

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What They Are Saying: Government-Controlled Health Insurance Proposals Could

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ICYMI: Millions of Uninsured Americans are Eligible for Coverage Through Our

11.19.21 / News / Updates

ICYMI: The Public Option Could Worsen Rural Health Disparities, Produce

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ICYMI: The Real Costs of the Public Option 

11.9.21 / News / Updates

ICYMI: Building on What’s Working Leads to Record-Low Premiums

11.3.21 / Updates

Support for Our Current Health Care System Has Never Been Higher

10.27.21 / Updates

ICYMI: Building On What’s Working in Health Care Is Most Effective Way

3.27.23 / News

Washington Examiner: States are turning to the public healthcare option. They

3.27.23 / News

Forbes: Washington’s Public Option Is Nothing To Cheer About

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Public Option Watch: Forbes: ‘Washington’s Public Option Is

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POLITICO: These states tried an Obamacare public option. It hasn’t worked as

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NPR: The 1st public option health plan in the U.S. struggles to gain traction