May 7, 2021 | Updates

Building On What Works: ‘Enrollment Surges’ With Enhanced Subsidies, HHS Data Reveals

WASHINGTON – In the latest evidence that America’s health care system is working to expand access to affordable, high-quality health coverage and care, new data from the Department of Health and Human Services heralds a substantial increase in the number of Americans gaining health coverage through the federal exchange, with enrollment rising even more rapidly as enhanced subsidies became available under the recently-enacted American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 

As POLITICO reports:

  • Nearly 940,000 customers have signed up for Obamacare plans during the pandemic enrollment season, with the enrollment pace quickening over the past month, according to new HHS data.”
  • About 469,000 people signed up in April, when expanded Affordable Care Act subsidies in the Democrats’ Covid relief package took effect. That’s a 45 percent increase from the 322,000 sign-ups reported in March.” 
  • In the past month, about 1.9 million people have returned to to claim larger subsidies. This has reduced their average monthly premiumsfrom $100 to $57, HHS said.”

“Private plans and public programs are working to expand access to affordable, high-quality coverage and care to millions of Americans. Helping Americans access the affordable coverage options already available to them under current law should be the focus of policymakers at both the federal and state levels,” said Lauren Crawford Shaver, Executive Director of the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future. “This is the time to build on and improve what’s working, not start over with government-controlled health insurance systems such as Medicare at 60 or the public option. By working together, our leaders can help Americans get healthy and stay healthy during this critical time, while lowering costs, protecting patient choice, expanding access, improving quality and fostering innovation.”

The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future’s mission is to build on and improve what’s working, where private coverage, Medicare and Medicaid work together to expand access to coverage and care, and fix what’s not. We want to work together to lower costs, protect patient choice, expand access, improve quality and foster innovation. And whether it’s called Medicare for All, Medicare buy-in, Medicare at 60 or the public option, one-size-fits-all health care will never allow us to achieve those goals.

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