Patients Like Carly Don’t Need One-Size-Fits-All Care

“For us, having access to quality health care, having access to doctors is critical.”

Carly was diagnosed with alternating hemiplegia, a condition that causes partial paralysis on one side of the body, when she was nine months old. Though she was told she wouldn’t live to five, she’s now 32. Carly’s health depends on her ability to access high-quality care from specialized doctors, but one-size-fits-all new government insurance systems like Medicare for all, Medicare buy-in and the public option would threaten that access and put Carly’s health in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats. 

Here’s the truth:

Medicare for All, Medicare Buy-In and the public option all represent government-run health care. They will do away with what works well in our current system, putting bureaucrats in control of our health and reducing access to the high-quality specialty care patients like Carly need.

America needs a health care system where patients have control over their care and have the ability to access the best care possible, but a new government insurance system would not achieve those goals. Under Medicare for all, Medicare buy-in or the public option, patients would be forced to trade their personal coverage away for a one-size-fits-all system. Carly deserves access to high-quality care and she and her family should be charge of her personal health care decisions. We must protect our health care future by opposing one-size-fits-all care that could threaten the health and autonomy of American patients.

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