21 years ago, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), now the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) became law with bipartisan support — building on the pillars of America’s health care system. Today, 9 million children and their families depend on CHIP for their health care needs.

CHIP was created to address children’s health care and developmental needs for families with low-to-modest incomes. This vitally important program covers routine check-ups, immunizations, emergency services, and prescriptions. It also provides speech and language therapies, hearing tests and hearing aids, as well as pediatric dental coverage.

As CHIP has provided health care to millions of children over the last two-plus decades, kids across the country have missed fewer school days, achieved higher test scores, and have higher graduation rates. With more than 95 percent of all children insured, an all-time high, the promise of CHIP must be maintained.

Let’s continue to #ProtectCHIP and provide children and families access to the care they need.