The Truth About One-Size-Fits-All Government Insurance Systems

Do you want to pay more, to wait longer, for worse health care?

Unfortunately, new health care proposals could force you to do just that, despite Medicare being already at risk of failing, and trade your coverage away for a one-size-fits-all government insurance system.

National polling data by the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals that most Americans are unaware of the “dramatic changes that [Medicare for all] would bring to the nation’s health care system.”

We’re here to set the record straight:

Embracing a one-size-fits-all system such as Medicare for all, or stepping stones to Medicare for all, such as Medicare “buy-in” or public option systems, would mean higher costs for every American, lower quality of care and a loss of control over your health care options.

Let’s break down the negative impacts that Medicare for all, Medicare “buy-in” or a so-called “public option” will bring:

Higher Costs

Independent analysts estimate the cost of some one-size-fits-all proposals could be as high as $60 trillion over 10 years.

What does this mean for your family? Medicare for all and similar proposals could dramatically increase your taxes – more than doubling your income taxes in an attempt to pay for it. In fact, some studies show it could even “require the equivalent of tripling payroll taxes or more than doubling all other taxes.”

“There’s no possible way to finance [Medicare for all] without big middle class tax increases,” CRFB’s Marc Goldwein explained to The Washington Post. 

Not surprisingly, national polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation indicates that six in 10 Americans oppose Medicare for all once they learn it forces families to pay more in taxes.

Lower Quality

Recent studies provide dire warnings about the ways a one-size-fits-all system would harm providers and patients. One study found that “[f]or hospitals, the introduction of a public plan that reimburses providers using Medicare rates would compound financial stresses they are already facing, potentially impacting access to care and provider quality.”

Another study found that new government insurance systems such as “buy-in” or “public option” could force hospitals to limit the care they provide, produce significant “layoffs” and “potentially force the closure of essential hospitals.”

You deserve to be able to trust in the quality of the care you and your family rely on. Americans shouldn’t be forced into paying more for lower quality care.

Less Control

Personal health care decisions should be between you and your doctor – not politicians and bureaucrats. New government insurance systems would strip away the choice and control that millions of Americans enjoy today, instead expanding programs like Medicare and Medicaid that are already at significant risk.

You deserve high quality care you can count on – and you deserve to be in charge of your personal health care decisions. One-size-fits-all proposals would put politicians and bureaucrats in control of your health.


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