Get The Facts: Medicare for All Threatens Access to Affordable, Quality Care

Medicare for All Would Force Americans to Pay More…

Experts and economists agree that that fully offsetting the cost [of Medicare for All] would require higher taxes on the middle class” and would “require the equivalent of tripling payroll taxes or more than doubling all other taxes.” 

Furthermore, a study from the Urban Institute finds “that federal spending on health care would increase by roughly $34 trillion under a single-payer plan similar to Medicare for All,” CNN reports

…For Worse Care.

And this higher price tag would bring longer wait times and worse care, not better care for the American patients who need it most.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) also warns that a one-size-fits-all new government health insurance system, would “put pressure on the available supply of care … if the number of providers was not sufficient to meet demand, patients might face increased wait times and reduced access to care.”  Recently, the CBO added that “with increased wait times for appointments or elective surgeries, greater wait times at doctors’ offices and other medical facilities, or the need to travel greater distances to receive medical care.  Some demand for care might be unmet.”

The Truth:

American families deserve to know the real impacts of a new government-controlled health insurance system like Medicare for All, but some supporters of these proposals have been obfuscating when it comes to the unaffordable costs and risks associated with the systems.

American patients can’t afford the costs of a new government-controlled health insurance system like Medicare for All.

It’s clear that we must build on what’s broken and fix what’s broken in our current system – not start over with a Medicare for All system that would put patient care at risk and force families to foot the bill for lower quality care run by politicians.

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