October 31, 2019 | Updates

Government-Controlled Health Insurance Systems Would Leave Health Care Up To ‘Political Whim’

WASHINGTON – After a new study reminded us yet again that new government-controlled health insurance systems – like the public option, Medicare buy-in and Medicare for America – would lead to a one-size-fits-all system run by politicians, The Well News warns about the substantial risks associated with putting politicians in control of Americans’ health care:

… Democrats have grown increasingly concerned over the potential long-term ramifications of Medicare for all proposals … proponents of so-called single-payer plans like Medicare for all are intent on putting a national health care policy in place based on the total faith that government and government actors will always implement the law in good faith.

… [Medicare for All] states that the Secretary of Health and Human Services, a presidential appointee, will be empowered to determine what treatments are “medically necessary or appropriate for the maintenance of health or for the diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation of a health condition.”  One area that is of particular concern, given the current political environment, is safeguarding a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.

… These issues aside, the broader concern is how much the Medicare for all bill leaves open to interpretation.  The bill empowers the HHS Secretary to annually evaluate the program to determine “whether the benefits package should be improved or adjusted” there’s considerable apprehension around the possible that what is deemed medically necessary under the Act by very well change as political power changes in Washington.

… Again, because the Department of Health and Human Services would have significant discretion in interpreting what specific services are medically necessary, the politics and even the status of scientific debates over procedures and treatments could play a big role in what’s covered, “even from administration to administration,” the foundation noted … there have to be limits, some form of checks and balances, to ensure health care policy is not subject to political whim.

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