March 25, 2021 | Updates

ICYMI: ‘Employer-Provided Health Coverage Is Delivering Real Value for Consumers During the Pandemic’

WASHINGTON – In case you missed it, with more than half of Americans receiving their health care through an employer, a new survey finds that 71 percent of Americans with employer-provided coverage report their plan is easy to use, and 76 percent believe it would protect them from the majority of medical costs in an emergency

“The story of employer-provided coverage in 2021 is a compelling one.  Amidst a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, 67 percent of Americans with employer-provided coverage report they are satisfied with their current coverage and 65 percent believe the quality of their plan is high.  This satisfaction is driven by the choice of many quality doctors and providers, comprehensive coverage that includes the benefits and care most important to them, and premiums, co-pays, and deductibles that most believe are affordable,” writes Phillip Morris, partner of Locust Street Group, who conducted the poll on behalf of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).

The survey’s key findings include:

  • More than three-quarters – 76 percent – feel their health care coverage will protect them during a medical emergency.
  • Of respondents, 71 percent say their coverage is easy to use and they understand the benefits and services covered by their plan.
  • A strong majority – 67 percent – are satisfied with their current coverage and many think their plans would also be good for their fellow citizens.
  • Employer-provided coverage remains an important part of business’ compact with employees especially during this critical time – 75 percent say that coverage played a role in their decision to accept their current job, while 78 percent say it impacts their decision to stay at their current job.
  • Provider choice, comprehensive coverage, and affordability are top drivers of satisfaction with their plans, while costs continue to be the top issue of concern.
  • Americans continue to underestimate how much their employers pay toward their coverage: Just 39 percent correctly estimate that the average employer contributes 70 percent or more of the cost of the coverage they receive.

To read the full survey materials prepared by Locust Street Group, CLICK HERE.


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