October 23, 2019 | Updates

ICYMI: One-Size-Fits-All Proposal Could Eliminate Health Care Choice For One-Third Of American Workers

WASHINGTON – As some presidential candidates and lawmakers promote new government-controlled health insurance systems – like the public option, Medicare buy-in and Medicare for America – as “moderate” alternatives to Medicare for All, a new study confirms that these proposals would instead lead to the same one-size-fits-all system run by politicians.  Instead of preserving families’ health care choice, the study by KNG Health Consulting, LLC, finds that “Medicare for America” could force one-third of American workers off of their current employer-provided health care coverage, also known as employer-sponsored insurance (ESI).

The study finds that by 2023:

  • Nearly one-quarter of American workers would lose access to their employer provided health care coverage.
  • Offer rates would fall from 88 to 68 percent.
  • About 16 million, or one-in-nine, ESI enrollees would disenroll.

And by 2032:

  • One-third ofAmerican workers would lose access to their employer provided health care coverage.
  • About 37 million, or one-in-four, ESI enrollees would disenroll.
  • More than half of small business workers would lose access to their employer provided health care coverage.

Even worse, this new government-controlled health insurance system would also saddle American families with unaffordable new costs:

  • Medicare for America “would increase total health care spending, with the largest spending increases occurring among those who already had public coverage through Medicare or Medicaid.”

Today, roughly 180 million Americans are covered through their jobs.  Roughly 90 percent of Americans are covered and millions more are eligible for coverage under the existing law of the land.  Instead of pushing for a one-size-fits-all system that threatens the choice and control Americans enjoy through their current health care, let’s work to build on what’s working and fix what isn’t – not start over.




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