April 25, 2019 | Press Releases

Medicare For All Bills Even Worse Than Imagined For American Patients

Would Take Trillions From Our Taxes And Give It To Government Bureaucrats To Run Our Health Care

WASHINGTON – The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future today launched a new web video explaining why two new Medicare for all bills, recently introduced in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, are even worse for Americans than had been anticipated. Watch it here:

Part of a six-figure nationwide public education effort, the video, entitled “Wrong,” explains how a one-size-fits-all health care system would eliminate Americans’ choice and control by moving health care decisions away from patients and their doctors to government bureaucrats in Washington.  No matter how the sponsors of these bills spin it, the fact is:

The bills would take trillions of dollars from our taxes and give it to political appointees to run our health care.  Unaccountable to voters, these bureaucrats will have unchecked power to make decisions that impact you.  Under these bills, government officials would control your health care coverage, from the doctor you see, to the benefits covered, even your reproductive health … These bills would take power out of the hands of patients and doctors and put it into the hands of the government, eliminating the current health care system, Medicare and Medicaid, in the process.

At the same time these bills would increase taxes on hardworking families – potentially doubling Americans’ income taxes – while doing nothing to control the costs of health care:

And these bills don’t even include a way to pay for the trillions of dollars in costs, probably because they don’t want voters to know it will mean higher taxes.  So the new bills don’t address rising health care costs, will create longer wait times for less care, move medical choices from patients and doctors to government bureaucrats, and still are a one-size-fits all solution for all Americans – old and young, sick or healthy.

Every American deserves access to quality, affordable health care – but a one-size-fits all plan that does nothing to address the rising costs of health care, while diminishing quality of care for millions of Americans is the wrong approach:

There’s an easier and safer way to improve our health care.  Accelerate the ability of the free market and public programs to work together to improve what works and fix what’s broken.

“Wrong” will be heavily promoted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and comes after the Partnership launched two other videos, “More Problems,” and “Working Together.”

  • To watch “Wrong,” CLICK HERE.
  • To learn more about the Partnership For America’s Health Care Future, CLICK HERE.


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