Patients deserve access to the quality care they need.

“I want my doctors to make my health care decisions for me, not the government.”

Meggie Young was diagnosed with MS, a disease with no cure, in 2004. Since her diagnosis, she has relied on easy access to her doctors to maintain a high quality of life.

Meggie fears the loss of control over her health care that could come with a one-size-fits-all government insurance system like the public option.

Rather than have control over the doctors she sees, the hospitals she visits and the treatment she receives, politicians and bureaucrats would make her health care decisions for her.

“My fear about the public option is that it’s going to be a one size fits all approach… our quality of care is going to suffer and that’s very scary for someone who relies on a solid health care team.”

Here’s the truth:

Whether the politicians call it Medicare for All, Medicare Buy-In or the public option – they all represent the same, government-run health care. The bottom line? Americans would pay more to wait longer for worse care.

Instead of building upon what’s working in our current health care system and fixing what’s broken, they will do away with what works well – putting bureaucrats in control of our health and raising taxes in exchange for a loss of control and lower quality care.

By embracing new government insurance systems like Medicare for All, Medicare Buy-In and the public option, politicians are embracing plans that mean patients like Meggie will face unaffordable plans and no control over their own health care decisions.


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