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Partnership Launches New Video: ‘Medicare For All’ Means Less Patient Choice & Higher Taxes

Video Educates Americans On Dangers Of ‘Medicare For All’ & Ways To Strengthen Health Care System   

WASHINGTON – The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future today launched a new web video exploring the opportunities and challenges for improving American health care, and warning Americans that – whether it’s called Medicare for All, Medicare buy-in, single-payer or a public option – a one-size-fits-all approach to health care will mean higher taxes and costs, and less patient choice for every American family.

Titled “More Problems,” the video – which will be heavily promoted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter – explains that although more Americans are covered than ever before and are largely happy with their current plans, health care costs are still out of control, leaving many worried about the future of health care.  And while there are many ideas out there to address these issues, the fact is:

Health care is a serious issue.  We need serious ideas and proposals to improve what’s working and fix what’s broken.  Health care is complicated.  Our system covers rich and poor, old and young, sick and healthy.  We need to continue to put doctors and patients at the center of our system.  And offer high quality care, options and choice for all Americans.

Which is why, despite Medicare for All proponents saying otherwise, a one-size-fits-all, government-run program would leave Americans with fewer choices, a lower quality of care and cost trillions in new taxes:

So, when supporters of Medicare for All tell you their plan will fix health care, what are they really trying to fix?  Medicare for All is a one-size-fits-all proposal for every American.  Supporters don’t talk about the trillions in higher taxes it’ll cost working families.  Or how it will move health care decisions from doctors and patients to politicians and bureaucrats.  They don’t want anyone to notice that it’ll remove patient choice, while increasing wait times.  On top of that, it won’t even address the biggest problem our health care system faces – out-of-control costs.

And while Medicare for All “makes for a great slogan,” the truth is no one seems to be able to agree on how to properly implement it and once Americans learn that the program would eliminate the choice and control they enjoy through employer-provided coverage, support quickly plummets.  Instead of scrapping the whole health care system, we should focus on improving what’s working and fixing what’s broken:

Medicare for All isn’t a serious proposal.  We need to lower costs, protect patient choice, options and benefits, increase access and strengthen doctor and patient relationships.  And when it comes down to it, Medicare for All doesn’t offer real answers, only more problems.

The release of “More Problems” comes just weeks after the Partnership launched its first web video, “Working Together.”

To watch “More Problems,” CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the Partnership For America’s Health Care Future, CLICK HERE.


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