May 28, 2021 | Press Releases

Statement On The Proposed FY 2022 Budget

WASHINGTON – The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future issued the following statement today regarding the proposed FY 2022 budget, which reportedly does not include funding for the creation of new government-controlled health insurance systems.

“The Partnership for America’s Health Care future strongly supports the goal of ensuring every American has access to affordable, high-quality health coverage and care. A growing body of research has made it abundantly clear that new government-controlled health insurance systems – whether they are called ‘Medicare at 60,’ the public option or Medicare for All – will never allow us to achieve that goal, and that these proposals all come with unaffordable costs and negative consequences for Americans,” said Lauren Crawford Shaver, the Partnership’s executive director. “Today, our health care system is working to expand access to affordable health coverage and high-quality care to millions of Americans. Making enhancements to the current health care system enjoys broad support and offers a more effective path to help Americans access affordable coverage options and high-quality care that meet their individual needs. Rather than starting over with new one-size-fits-all systems that put politicians in control of Americans’ health care, policymakers should focus on building and improving on the strength of our current health care system.”

According to the May 2021 edition of Voter Vitals, a nationwide tracking poll conducted for the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, 64 percent of voters prefer building on our current health insurance system rather than creating a public option. Also, 66 percent of voters under 65 years old would prefer to keep their current coverage than purchase public option coverage.

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