September 30, 2020 | Updates

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Americans Urge Elected Officials To Build On What Is Working, Reject One-Size-Fits-All Government Health Insurance Systems

WASHINGTON – As health care remains at the top of voters’ minds, Americans throughout the nation are encouraging elected officials to oppose a one-size-fits-all government health insurance system that will force American families to pay more for worse care.

Patrick Montroy, Union Member, Arizona

Health care is once again top of mind for voters, especially as Election Day approaches … As a union member, I understand how important this issue is for Arizona families.  I also know how easily efforts to reform health care can go wrong.  What sounds good on paper doesn’t always translate well to reality.  Take the public option or any one of the other government-controlled health care proposals being floated these days. These kinds of one-size-fits-all approaches to health care will end up increasing taxes without producing results for the taxpayer.

With a price tag in the tens of trillions of dollars range, some estimates conclude that just paying for the public option could require a massive increase in payroll taxes on the average American worker.  In return, Americans would face longer waiting times and a lower standard of care as hospitals and other health care facilities would be left to deal with devastating payment cuts to providers.

… Instead of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, policymakers should seek out practical solutions that will strengthen our current health care system and make it more affordable and accessible for all.

Kimberly DeMatteo-MacDonald, Pennsylvania

[O]ur elected officials must continue to work together to strengthen and improve our entire health care system by expanding access and lowering costs … However, that shouldn’t require we pay more in taxes so that the government can be in charge of our health care decisions.  That, unfortunately, is what many of the government controlled proposals being discussing in Washington today would do: force people to pay more in taxes while limited access and the options available to patients.

A public option would threaten the diverse array of health care options American have today.  Eventually, everyone would be forced into the same one-size-fits-all box, leaving no room for choice, flexibility, or plans that are tailored to their individual needs.  Yes, we need to make health care more affordable and accessible, but the way to do that is build upon the parts of our healthcare system that work, not start from square one with a government-run system that increases taxes and decreases healthcare options.


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