July 29, 2019 | Updates

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Americans Urge Elected Officials To Build On What Is Working, Reject One-Size-Fits-All Health Care

WASHINGTON – Ahead of the next round of 2020 Democratic debates, in which health care is sure to take center stage, voices throughout the nation are encouraging our leaders to improve and build on what is working and fix what isn’t – while opposing a one-size-fits-all government-run system that will force Americans to pay more to wait longer for worse care.

Sallie Bryant, Executive Director, Alabama Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Alabama:

Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden recently unveiled his health care plan. While this public option plan may not sound as extreme as some plans for his other fellow candidates pushing Medicare-for-all, it’s not moderate at all.  Any provision that would create a public option to compete with private insurance is an impractical plan that would harm hardworking Americans … this plan would ultimately lead to a government run health care system through under-pricing private health insurers and abolishing the free-market system, making the public option the only option.
… A public option would not only cause premiums in the private insurance market to rise, but it would also lead to higher taxes for hardworking people and could potentially result in longer wait times for lesser quality care.  This is not the solution most Americans want from our elected officials.  What most people want is to build upon our current health care system and work to address the issues that still persist.

Dan Bogert, COO, Arizona Restaurant Association, Arizona:

… The Medicare-for-all and government-run healthcare movement remains a popular talking point for politicians in Washington, particularly among those running for President.  These plans would be devastating to associated health plans, virtually eliminating them and every other private insurance health plan.  Those employed in the restaurant industry are varied in age and have unique needs when it comes their health care.  Implementing a one-size-fits-all policy and ripping away their personalized health care insurance would be harmful and irresponsible.
… It is important that we be responsible when it comes the health and well-being of our restaurant owners and their employees.  Supporting a government-run health care system that will not take their health needs into consideration, will raise their income tax, and create obstacle to seeing their doctors is not something that will benefit such a large sector of our state’s economy. 

Michelle St. Germaine, Medicare Sales Coordinator at New West Health Services, Montana:

… Some policies [Biden] proposes would help fix our current system by making more people eligible for tax breaks so they can afford health care coverage.  Other recommendations would make the ACA stronger and more effective.  For that, I salute him.  Improving upon the system we currently have is how most Montanans — and Americans — would prefer to address health care.
But then he takes a sharp, unnecessary turn by including a call to create a public option … Not only would a public option not add any more benefits to the recommendations Biden makes, but it could lead to higher taxes, increased private insurance premiums, and substandard care.  

Anthony Bartoli, Former Director of Seventh Avenue Merchants Association and Veteran, Arizona: 

… [W]ith Medicare For All and the government-run public option … they’ll be less doctors to choose from … There will also be long waits for specialists …  Also – many smaller and rural hospitals will be facing closures. 



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