December 20, 2022 | Updates

ICYMI: New Polling Shows that Voters Support Building on our Current System More Than Any Other Proposal 

WASHINGTON – The latest edition of Voter Vitals – a nationwide tracking poll conducted by Locust Street Group for the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future – shows that majority of voters prefer building on what’s working in health care, earning more support than any other health care proposal.  

Key findings include:  

  • Support for fixing what we have today (67% support, +6% since June) has INCREASED and still earns more support than any government-run proposal. 
  • A GROWING majority of voters (67%, +4% since June) would still rather build on our current system than create the public option (33%, -4% since June). 
  • A GROWING majority of voters (76%, +6% since June) – even Democrats (67%, +3% since June) – are UNWILLING to pay more for health care to create a new government health insurance system. 
  • The vast majority of voters remain CONCERNED about the access, cost, and long-term fiscal impacts of creating the public option or opening up Medicare to younger Americans. 

Research shows that building on what’s working is the most effective way to expand access to affordable, high-quality health care coverage in America. Building on our current system could lower costs and expand access to care. Meanwhile, studies show that government-controlled health insurance systems like the public option, Medicare at 60, and Medicare for All could raise costs, limit access to care, and exacerbate health care workforce shortages

When it comes to the future of health care in America, it is clear that creating unaffordable, new government-controlled health insurance systems that could raise taxes and health care costs for Americans is not the path forward. Instead, lawmakers should continue to build on what’s working today to expand access to affordable, high-quality health coverage and care.  

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